Boathouse Distillery supports National Wild Turkey Foundation

NWTF-label-2rtEach year, the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) Pikes Peak Chapter conducts an annual Hunting Heritage Banquet to raise funds for wildlife habitat projects here in Colorado. The chapter works exclusively with Colorado Parks and Wildlife and their NWTF regional biologist to determine and prioritize wildlife habitat projects based on the greatest need. Thus, funds raised from the annual banquets are a prime means of enhancing, restoring or establishing wildlife habitat within Colorado.

Though the chapter operates out of Colorado Springs, it is not the “Colorado Springs”
chapter, it is the PIKES PEAK chapter! If you can see, smell or hear Pikes Peak, they want you as
part of their organization.

The NWTF 26th Annual Hunting Heritage Banquet will be held Saturday, May 20, 2017, at the Elks Lodge, 3400 N. Nevada Ave., Colorado Springs. Tickets cost $65.00 per person and include a year’s NWTF membership and a wonderful steak dinner. A couple’s ticket runs $80.00 and includes two steak dinners and one NWTF membership.

Come on out for an evening of camaraderie, great food, a pay-as-you-go bar and the opportunity to win
firearms, hunting/camping gear, several hunts and more. For more information, contact Willie at
719-661-6998 or by email.

We like adventure, good whiskey and the great outdoors!  

Our craft is in the finish.

bourbon photo 2Boathouse Distillery is nestled in the beautiful Arkansas River Valley, in Salida, Colorado.  With our central location, we serve the Rocky Mountain Front Range, Western Slope and resort communities.

Colorado Bourbon is Boathouse Distillery’s signature whiskey sourced from southern-state craft distillers. Boathouse finishes and bottles the connoisseur grade bourbon enjoyed for its rich, mellow flavor. We think you will agree that we offer a fresh, mellow interpretation of this time honored spirit.

In addition, try Colorado Moonshine, a smooth white whiskey with more character than other clear spirits. Colorado Blue Agave Tequila, a product of Mexico. It is brought to Colorado and Boathouse finishes the spirits. This spirit is excellent straight up or offers the basis for a variety of wonderful cocktails. We also offer Colorado Vodka, the neutral grain spirits are distilled six times and designed for taste. And Colorado Rum, with its festive flavor, this rum reminds us that summer is never far away!

Click here and find a Colorado  liquor store near you that sells Boathouse spirits.

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