Benefit Cosmetics ‘Mascarathon’ kicks off in Edinburgh

by Payton

Running in the rain never looked so glamorous as the Benefit Mascarathon, lead by TV presenter Caroline Flack, kicked off in Edinburgh. The event is aiming to raise cash for domestic violence charity, Refuge. And running the first two miles was the I’m A Celebrity presenter along with some 30 runners, who despite the rain, pushed on. Warming up before the race, Caroline said,

“There’ll be no walking, I’m going to be running the two miles. The rain doesn’t bother me, it’s for a great cause and it’s such a privilege to be starting the Benefit Mascarathon.”

Benefit Cosmetics 'Mascarathon' kicks off in Edinburgh

The rain didn’t dampen the spirits of the runners, who were all excited about starting the event and raring to go with a quick warm-up to get them going. And the bright pink Benebago brighten up the day as did the cheery makeup experts, the Benebabes, who were doing make-up, and dishing out bag-loads of Benefit goodies.

Benefit Cosmetics 'Mascarathon' kicks off in Edinburgh
Benefit Cosmetics 'Mascarathon' kicks off in Edinburgh

The Mascarathon Edinburgh Benefit runners and Benebabes

It’s the first stage in the charity run which goes over 500 miles and stops off in Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, and Cardiff before finishing in London on June 29th. Those taking part are running in relays and six female celebs have signed up to lead the different stages. Taking over from Caroline in Newcastle is Donna Air followed by Hollyoaks actress and Dancing On Ice runner-up, Jorgie Porter. TV presenter Alison Hammond is heading up the Birmingham to Cardiff section, Zoe Salmon is on the penultimate leg, and finishing up is Lauren Laverne.

Benefit Cosmetics 'Mascarathon' kicks off in Edinburgh

Caitlin Blake and Caitlin Morrison

Runners Caitlin Morrison and Caitlin Blake, seen here above, were looking forward to raising cash for the charity. And they said, they’d put in some hours at the gym in preparation for the Mascarathon. The pair, who are both 16, said,

“We’re really excited, it might be raining but that doesn’t matter. We’re both on the same relay leg so we’re going to run together. And we’ve been in the gym, training for today so hope it’s helped.”

Event organiser, Kyra Oates, said the Mascarathon had been about six months in the planning. The Benefit’s Promotions boss said that was the easy part but making it a reality was the tricky part due to the logistics and planning behind organising a run from Edinburgh to London. But she added, it will be well worth it for raising cash for charity Refuge. It’s hoped the event will raise over £50,000 for the domestic violence organisation. 

Benefit Cosmetics 'Mascarathon' kicks off in Edinburgh

Benefit Makeup Artist Lisa Potter-Dixon

Benefit’s makeup artist Lisa Potter-Dixon is taking part along the entire race and reckons just because you’re running doesn’t mean you have to forget about your makeup. The bubbly brunette said,

“Benefit has got plenty of running-friendly products so there’s no reason why you can’t look glamorous when you’re running. I recommend using the ‘They’re Real’ mascara. It won’t run no matter what the weather so it’s perfect for the Mascarathon. The Benetints are also great because they’re waterproof. I’m basically going to be running a marathon for this event and my makeup is coming with me.”

So good luck to all the runners and you can donate via the Mascarathon website or go to

Benefit Cosmetics 'Mascarathon' kicks off in Edinburgh

The Benebabes on hand to do makeovers

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