What is the Best Bathtub Material?

by Payton

When it comes to buying a bathroom bathtub, the material should be one of the first things that you should consider is the material. The type of material your bathtub is made of easily determines the durability and longevity of your bathtub. The material of your bathtub also gets to determine how much it is going to cost. Take note that every material has a different feel when you touch so it actually affects your comfort as well.


This is considered to be the cheapest material that you can use for your bathtubs in the market today. Fiberglass is made out of reinforced plastic sheets. The fiberglass is then formed into the shape of the bathtub. Though cheap, the material is still durable. You just have to know how to candle fiberglass bathtubs with care. One thing you should do is to avoid heavy impacts on the tub so that it does not chip. It is also recommended that you seal the bathtub first before using it as fiberglass can be porous. Being porous means that it can absorb water. This means the fiberglass can warp and become unstable in time.


This material is very similar to fiberglass wherein it is also made from a solid sheet of plastic, stabilizers, petrochemicals, and resin. The acrylic material is also formed into a tub then reinforced with a layer of fiberglass. Acrylic bathtubs are lightweight and the material can be formed into different bathtub styles. They are mostly used as material for freestanding and drop-in bathtubs. It may look and feel like fiberglass but the big difference is that it acrylic is not a porous material and it is resistant from heavy impacts and chipping.


Porcelain is a common material for bathtubs. They are made by layering stamped steel or cast iron with porcelain enamel. Porcelain enamel is made out of a combination of substrate and powdered glass, which is heated in order to form a durable coating. Porcelain bathtubs are known to be durable and non-porous. You still have to avoid heavy impacts with porcelain bathtubs to avoid chipping. It is also recommended that you do not drop anything on your porcelain tub because the impact can leave some undesirable marks on the portrait.



Ceramic is a material that is similar to clay. Ceramic tiles are molded together into a tub until it hardens. Because it can be molded easily into any form like clay, ceramic bathtubs can come in numerous styles. It is considered to be the most adjustable material in the market. However, ceramic is a material that needs constant maintenance because the material can crumble and deteriorate in time.


Wood is a great bathtub material especially for homes with a rustic theme. It is very pleasing to the eye. Wooden bathtubs are made from natural wood and are sealed with water-resistant wax. The wax can work for several years but you still have to reseal it from time to time to make sure that the wood will not absorb the water. The downside is that it comes with a huge price tag plus it is not really a long-lasting material compared to other options that you have in the market.

Cultured marble

This material is made out of resin and crushed limestone. You should consider this material if you are fond of using hot water when you bathe or soak because it retains heat very well. The material is very durable plus it has this natural shine that looks very classy. However, marble can be very expensive. It is also very heavy which can make it difficult to install. Marble needs constant maintenance also because it has the tendency to stain and discolour in time. You can avoid this by using an appropriate marble sealer on your new tub before it gets used.

Stone resin

This material is formed from crushed natural stone and adhesive. The result is a material that has the feel and looks of natural stone but not the weight of it. Stone resin is a popular choice since it is the middle ground when it comes to quality and cost. It is non-porous, affordable, retains heat, and durable. However, the styles would be limited when it comes to this material.


This is probably the most expensive bathtub material that you can get your hands on. Copper bathtubs are made from pure copper and are custom made. It is definitely a luxury bathtub that will make all your guests envious. The cost is worth it as copper is very durable, requires little maintenance, and holds heat well.

Now that you are familiar with the common materials you can choose from in the market, you can easily make a wise choice when it comes to choosing a bathtub. Remember you spend significant time in your life in your bathtub. The material it is made of is a big deal to ensure that it is within your budget, long-lasting, and comfortable.

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