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by Payton

How does your kitchen look like? Do you have all the equipment you need? How is your cooking experience with the tools you have? The experience will be poor if you have not tried the imarku knives. They are available for all your levels of kitchen cutting expertise. For you to have the best cooking experience you will need to have fully equipped kitchen knife sets to manage your cutting operations in the kitchen. For example, while dealing with steak you will need a steak knife sets imarku product. When you need to chop bones you will need a cleaver to manage to crack the bones.

Factors determining the choice of knife set to acquire.


The purpose is always the leading factor to desire to buy a certain product. Every set of knives is set for a particular purpose. The purpose may be chopping, peeling, slicing among other purposes. Once you have the purpose you now have a roadmap to make choices.


Different sets vary in price. Every knife in the set has a contributing factor to the set price hence some may be costly than others. Of course, you cannot go for what you cannot afford therefore get the best set with your financial capacity.

The Number of knives

The number of knives determines the price and the number may also be due to the purpose you intend to buy them. Therefore you should put the number into consideration when buying the set. imarku offers sets of up to 16 pieces and a minimum of 2 pieces.

The Expertise level

The expertise level is a major factor whereby a beginner in the kitchen services, may not know how to use different types of knives or other kitchen appliances. Instead, they may substitute one for the other. At such a stage you need a set with few pieces of knives without having to incur much. When you are at an experienced level, you want every cutting you make professional and without any erro9rs. In this case, you will need all the types of knives available in the market to fulfil your needs. Imarku knives will give you the best services sets ever in the market that you need.

Let look at what some knife sets contain

4 piece steak knife set 5”

This is a great set of steal knives that give the steak a great cutting. The set comes in a box and each knife has a plastic guard at the tip. The knives are of great quality and have an attractive ergonomic handle. This enhances the grip during the actual cutting of the steak.

3- piece starter chef knife set

This is a great set of knives that will help you to start your cooking experience. This set contains an 8-inch chef knife, a 10-inch bread knife and a 6inch boning knife. 8″ chef knife is used for all purposes in the kitchen activities such as cutting meat, peeling among other services. 1o inch bread knife is for slicing through the crusty bread leaving a very clean cut.

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