How to Find Right Wig Color For Your Skin Tone?

by Payton

Lace wigs are popular with women who want full heads of hair for various reasons. However, these wigs come with many other factors, one of which is your skin tone. Usually, in other wigs like headbands and v parts, skin tone doesn’t affect the wig choice, but here it does.

The best thing you can do when selecting a wig is to know your skin tone because you need to be aware of that to make it easier. So, you must carefully find the right wig color for your skin tone to look more natural. However, choosing the right color is sometimes as straightforward as it seems.

So, here we will glance at how you can find the right wig color for your face shape and color and why it’s important to match both!

How to Find Right Wig Color?

To find the right wig color, first, you need to check your skin color. So, determine your skin’s undertone by checking the inside of your wrist. This is the only simplest method to find your shade. So,

  • If you have a light skin tone, you are warm-toned.
  • If you have a medium skin tone, you are neutral-toned
  • If you have a dark skin tone, you are cool-toned

These undertones are a critical part of choosing the right wig color. Though the skin tones change due to certain factors, they will not change too much, so you can rest assured.

Now below are some wig color tips for these skin tones!

  • Blonde wigs look great with lighter skin tones.
  • Brunette color wigs are perfect for darker skin tones.
  • Stay away from bright reds if you have a yellow undertone.
  • Pure white or platinum blonde wigs will wash people out.
  • If you have a warm undertone, go with warmer shades like auburn or caramel blonde rather than ash blondes or browns with gray undertones.

Another way to get the right wig color is to dye your wig after matching the skin tone. However, before dying your wig, ask a professional stylist who has experience working with wigs.

Other factors like wig length, style, and trend can also affect the wig color.

Why Matching Skin Tone and Wig Color is Important?

Many people have concerns about their ever-changing skin tones because of the environment. It’s a fact that skin tones can change over time with sun exposure, skin conditions, health, and diet, so you should carefully choose your wig color.

To look natural and more appealing, it’s the only way to match skin and wig color. Otherwise, you might end up losing your style. Another color you should consider in this process is checking the front lace color with your skin so you can blend that with your skin.


Wearing a natural wig is the only way to elevate your style. So, be extra careful when choosing the wig color and style according to your face shape and color. This article will help you find a suitable option for the market.

If you purchase a wig from local stores, it’s highly recommended to try them, but as in online stores, it’s impossible; these factors will help you assume the possibilities.

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