Important Elements Of A Shower Grate

by Payton

Shower grate drains are an important element in the bathroom. They allow bathroom water to flow into the drainage systems while trapping items like hairs and soap pieces; those that you do not want them to get into the drainage system. By doing so, they help reduce blockages. The market is packed with a wide range of styles and brands of shower drain grates. Stainless steel shower grate is the most popular because they are quite durable.

Choosing the ideal shower grate for your bathroom

When selecting your bathroom shower grate, consider the following elements;

1. Size

The size and dimensions of your bathroom will determine the size of the shower drain grate. For a small bathroom, it wouldn’t make sense to choose a large rectangular grate that will take up a large amount of the floor space. The grate should be the least conspicuous component in the bathroom. However, this does not imply that it has to be too small. When it is too small or too large, it affects its efficiency. When choosing the best size, it is always important to consider function overlooks. The function of the grate is to allow for water to pass to the drainage pipes as effortlessly as possible.

Also, when choosing the best shower grate size, consider the type of drainage system. For a liner drainage system, a large rectangular shower grate would be the best option. For regular drainage systems, a circular or square drainage grate would do the trick.

2. Maintenance

The level of maintenance that the grate requires is also an important factor to consider. Stainless steel shower grates are the easiest to maintain because they are durable and easy to clean. Aluminum and brass grates are also easy to maintain because they do not stain, and they are quite durable. On the other hand, plastic grates are not as easy to maintain. First, plastic grates are not as durable as their counterparts. Therefore, they are prone to damages like breaking. Plastic grates also tend to discolour with time. They also tend to discolour when they are exposed to certain chemical and cleaning products like hair bleaches and soaps, among others. Therefore, when it comes to easy maintenance, stainless steel shower grates are the best, followed by aluminium.

3. Installation

Note that not all shower grates are compatible with your drainage system. Therefore, you must consider the type of drainage system in your bathroom when choosing your shower grate. Consider both the types of materials used in your drainage system as well as the type of drainage system. Also, consider the tools that will be used during the installation process.

4. Type

Another element you need to consider is the type of shower drain in your bathroom. When choosing the best type, consider the shape and the material. It is important to choose a product that is compatible with the aesthetics of your bathroom, as well as one that is functional.


Regardless of the amount of maintenance that your shower drain grate requires, you need some knowledge on how to clean the product. Whether it is stainless steel or plastic, all kinds of grates need to be continuously cleaned, just like the bathroom floors need to be washed. The number of times you clean it should, however, be determined by how often the bathroom is used and the durability of the material.

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