Simple Fire Pits You Can Create Yourself

by Payton

Having flames crackling in your fire pit with your friends and family gathered around, sipping wine, roasting lamb chops, and making conversations is such a beautiful sight to imagine. And the best part yet is that you can create the perfect fire pit in your backyard without spending so much on fire pit material for selection: MgO.

We have compiled a list of easy DIY fire pit options that will not cost you much. Who says you have to break a bank or spend a fortune on building a fire pit? With these tips, you can create a fully functional fire pit with materials around your home and save yourself the extra cost of building one from scratch.

• DIY Modern Salad-Bowl Fire Pit

This easy fire pit only requires a large salad bowl, a grill, cans of non-stick spray, and concrete.

For less than $100, you can transform your backyard with this sleek and simple fire pit. Mold your large salad bold with some concrete and fill with chunky pebbles that you can obtain from your local home improvement supply store.

The fire pit is one great way to try your hands on concrete casting, and you will be delighted at the results. To create a fire, you can use fuel cans to make bright flames.

• DIY Pond Fire Pit

If it is the right size, you can make a beautiful fire pit from your new pond, considering that they already have linings of non-combustible rocks. The primary thing is to ensure that the pond has concrete or stone lining and make sure it is not lined with PVC because it can ruin the effect of your fire pit.

All you need to get your fire pit working is sand, rock, and firewood, and you are ready to begin a party around your fire pit. This pond fire pit is an inexpensive yet glamorous fire pit that will sit perfectly in your backyard.

• Quick DIY Fire Pit

If you don’t want to, you don’t have to build your fire pit from scratch. This innovative DIY fire pit is simply a combination of a ring, blocks (that you can purchase from your local home improvement store), and an already made metal fire pit kit. The outcome is a cute and unique fire pit with a natural stone finishing.

• DIY Barbecue Fire Pit

Most fire pits emit fiery flames that can roast meat and marshmallows; however, this first pit is an entirely functional one that allows you to cook and grill all summer.

The DIY barbecue fire pit sports two grills above the ring of blocks, which allows you to cook whatever you want to cook from kebab to soups and marshmallows.


These fire pits are pretty simple to create, and you can build them on a slim budget. Fortunately, most of the materials required are either lying in your garage or your local home improvement store at affordable prices.

When it comes to a fire pit, the most important thing is functionality and then preference. As long as it will serve its purpose and it suits your style, there is certainly no harm in trying your hands at one of these DIY fire pits!

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