Sprucing Your Bathroom Without Breaking The Bank

by Payton
Sprucing Your restroom

Bathroom renovations can be pretty costly. From getting the right countertop to gaining access to a trusted dealer who can supply bathtubs, even settling on the right color theme can be a pretty daunting task. That is why you need to understand the primary basics of working with a professional who can incorporate the right bathroom vanity for the success of the project. Here are some of the methods you can use in sprucing your bathroom without breaking a bank.

  1. Begin By Scrubbing Your Tubs!

Now that you are just delving into a new bathroom renovation project, you can begin by wearing a professional cleaning hat. That way, you shall be well-positioned to clean as a professional would. If you are wondering how to start, collect all the cleaning items you may need. These elements are such as detergents, cleaning gloves, and clothes. Sweep all areas before you mop the surfaces using a wet piece of cloth. You should also use a glass cleaner for doors as well as mirrors.

      2. Limit The Use Of Tiles

Your sprucing bathroom project is not just costly but time-consuming too. Since you need to incorporate quality tiles at the countertops, it is imperative to work with an individual who understands that there is a need to be economical about tile placement. Therefore, you should agree to limit tile usage. Focus on the high-impact areas of your bathroom, such as the floor. This would be better than concentrating on the walls.

       3. Invest In An Indoor Plant

Whether you’re a hermit or a social individual, an ambivert, or a person who works from the home office, your home should be filled with comfort hailing from a productive environment. There’s no better way to achieve this than having a pot of plants in your bathroom. Plants have primarily been proven to boost productivity. Apart from that, they improve air circulation.

Sprucing Your Bathroom

4. You Need To Declutter

Before anything else, you should declutter your bathroom. This should be one of the main steps towards sprucing your bathroom. To be successful in decluttering, you should also focus on clearing the space by getting rid of the empty bottles of shampoo and conditioner. Also, consider detoxing your bathroom by getting rid of the rubbish that you don’t need.   

5. Use A Decorative Mirror

Your bathroom should be the focal point of all your dressing needs. Therefore, you should focus on the endless designs you can incorporate into it. From mounting decorative mirrors on the walls to playing with shapes such as round and square, it is essential to find what perfectly fits into space. To achieve this, you should remember to maintain a preferred theme. For instance, you should ensure that the decorative mirror is functional.  


There are several ways to spruce your bathroom. Decluttering should be one of the first strategies in place. Not only will this move allow you to create space for other decorations but also help you to get rid of the items you may not be using at the moment.

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