Things you can do in Earth Month

by Payton

Given that this blog is called Scottish Beauty Blog, I’m guessing you’ll have figured out where I’m from. The land of forests, mountains, whisky and, of course, occasional rain: Scotland. It’s a pretty green country – both ecologically wise and landscape. But it’s still good to be reminded that we can do our bit to look after the world, lest we forget. That’s why I think Earth Day is a great idea. Started back in 1970, this year it takes place April 22 2012. It highlights environmental issues, campaigns and it’s now celebrated in over 175 countries – cue a well deserved and collective clap on the back. Subsequently, Earth Month, helpfully also assigned to April, has also taken root as eco-friendly events, promotions and campaigns spill out beyond one day. And specifically has seen the involvement of several beauty brands. So if you’re thinking ‘what can I do in Earth Month?’ then, outside of the usual environmentally-friendly ways, show your support through one of these beauty brands including Aveda and Origins.

Take Origins, who this year are giving customers an Origins Earth Day Bracelet. Wearers are to make a wish for Earth when they tie it to their wrist, which will come true when the bracelet breaks. And for every product purchased from Origins ‘A Perfect World’ range from 15th-28th April 2012, Origins will plant a tree on the customer’s behalf. And that’s not all, on April 21 2012 if you take along an empty an empty product container, Origins will recycle it in exchange for one of their limited-edition full-size moisturisers – either A Perfect World or Starting Over. How fantastic is that? For stockists call 0800 731 4039 or visit

Also doing its bit for charity is hair brand Aveda who is launching The 2012 Light the Way™ candle, £16. When you buy one of these candles, all of your money goes to helping fund water-related projects. Aveda works with Global Greengrants Fund with millions funding local water projects around the world. Over the years, their support has helped hundreds of grassroots organizations to take action for clean, accessible water. This year, the Light the Way™ candle glass is made from 100% reclaimed bottles and from 100% certified organic ingredients including French lavender, lavandin and clary sage. It’s part of a wider company eco-friendly ethos which also sees Aveda rasing funds for WaterAid. And in 2012 Aveda’s fundraising will be supporting WaterAid projects in Ethiopia and Nepal, where extreme poverty is widespread and millions of people lack access to clean safe water.

Trees are the focus of the new Body Shop campaign called Wood Positive. The beauty and skincare brand has an ongoing commitment and not just for one day or one month to target specific areas t in biodiversity. So far, the Body Shop Wood Positive campaign, together with teaming up withThe World Land Trust has planted over 55,000 treas in the Ecuadorian Andes and Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil. This year it will be working with the World Land Trust to plant and protect more trees than it used in 2010. Kiehl’s has paired up with Trees for Cities and in a bid to raise some cash for the charity, it is releasing a limited edition re-design of the best-selling Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel-Cream, £24. The container has been designed by British artist Margot Bowman. 100 percent net profits from the sales will go straight to the Trees for Cities charity, who are currently doing projects in eight UK cities that include new woodlands and street trees as well as educating school kids and offering professional qualifications to unemployed.

I recently read that we each use up to 150 liters of water every day. So if you’re looking for an immediate way to be eco-friendly – and I’m not talking about dispensing with showers – rather why not cut down your water usage. There are different ways for instance, turn off your tap between brushing your teeth, make your showers shorter and try using a dry shampoo. Batiste has a great range and with prices starting at £2.99 it’s possibly cheaper than water.

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