Top Things to Know about MgO Fire Pits

by Payton

The lawn area outside of your house is one of the places you can have a lot of fun and make beautiful memories, especially if you have installed a fire pit that suits the environment perfectly. One of such fire pits is the Magnesium Oxide (MgO) fire pit.

If you are wondering the best type of fire pit for your lawn, then you are in the right place now. This article will teach you the top things to know about MgO fire pits and fire pits material for selection: MgO. 

What is a MgO Fire Pit, and how does it work?

The MgO Fire pit is made out of a MgO plank – a chemical concrete that is both useful and popular for making fire pits. It possesses durability, ferocity, the ability to be sculpted, and the strength to withstand various outdoor conditions. Also, it is quite convenient and effortless to use; you are less likely to encounter issues with this fire pit because it is already constructed and prepared for usage.

Types of MgO Firepits

  1. Natural Gas Fire Pit with MgO Pillar

This fire pit is about 32 inches tall, and MgO is used to construct the pillar design. It produces about 50,000 BTU of heat to warm up the environment.

The fire pit is a classy showpiece, structured to enhance any garden function and systemic inflammation for those cold summer days.

  1. MgO Fire Pit Table, Rectangular

The intensity of this 50,000 heat unit MgO fire pit surface is impressive. A cement tank carrier makes up the structure, and it is pretty simple to put together.

Also, it includes an electronic lighting switch that starts the blaze by igniting mild flames. The bottom of this fire pit is built with molten atone. Its linked reservoir weighs about 18-20 pounds and can comfortably provide sufficient temperature for close to 6 hours or more.

Are Magnesium Oxide Fire Pits Beneficial?

MgO Fire Pits are quite beneficial to their users both economically and in the aspect of convenience.

It is easy to move them around because they are incredibly lightweight, dependable, and durable. They are also efficient, and they burn quietly and aesthetically. All of these characteristics can add to the aura of your lawn and help it sparkle.

Another good thing about MgO fire pits is that you can use them for up to a year on the patio. It provides warmth in the cold and serves as a decorative element that attracts attention, even if it is not sparkled for usage.


MgO fire pits are one of the best fire pit types you can use in your home. They are harmless to use if you follow the user instructions and contact the company for any issue. It is also advisable to use these fire pits far away from buildings, plants, flammable things, and other useful items. This is because of the natural gas they burn out.

Due to the modest size of MgO fire pits, they barely have a risk of toppling over, especially if the ground is leveled and strong. For long-lasting, healthy use, the fire pit must be cleaned and maintained correctly.

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