What should you look out for when selecting hose reels?

by Payton

Are you tired of watering your plants with a can? Then, you should consider getting a hose. A hose helps to spread water in all directions without the owner exerting much effort. However, hoses can make a house look messy when placed improperly. This is why you need hose reels.

Now, there are different types of hose reels. If you have a small garden, it’s advised that you go for wall-mounted hose reels because its installation process is not as technical as others. However, if you have large yard space, you can opt for free-standing retractable hose reels.

Now, what should you look out for when searching for hose reels? Asking the right questions is very important.

What should you look out for when selecting hose reels?

1. What is the purpose of purchase?

Now, people get hoses for different reasons. Some get small hoses to tend to their miniature gardens. Some get long hoses to tend to large yard spaces or commercial lawns. Others get hoses to wash their cars and do other chores.

Before selecting a hose reel, what is the purpose of purchase? Will it be merely a storage medium or a live reel?

What is the difference?

Storage reels help to wound up the cable but doesn’t allow any form of current or fluid to flow through it in that position. The hose must be disconnected and taken off that spot to be used. Live reels, on the other hand, allow current or fluid to move through it.

If you’re going for live reels, you have to be careful with the type of fluid flowing through them.

2. Cable specifications

What kind of hose are you looking for? You must be specific about the length, size, type, and bend radius if you want to purchase the right hose reel. You must be sure that the cable you’re buying will suit the job.

For instance, if you have a hose with a large bend radius and O.D, you need a large reel to accommodate it. Anything less will be a waste of money.

3. Location and usage of the reels

How would these hose reels be used? Where would they be located?

Different reed models exist, from mounting positions, roller types, rewind types, etc. The rewind options can be used for spring, manual, air, electric, hydraulic, or air rewinds.

Manual rewinds are often used for smaller lengths of hoses and easy operations, while power rewinds are used for longer hose lengths and complicated rewinds.

4. Durability

How long do you want the hose reels to last?

This is super important. There are lots of aesthetically pleasing products in the marketplace, so it may be hard to make a choice. Go for products that will last. Check the materials used for production.

Hoses might look strong externally, but the truth is, they are very fragile. If you plan on keeping it outside, buy a product that is water and heat-resistant. If it’s steel, ensure it’s coated with anti-rusting materials to preserve its life.

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